Course Description

Introduction to Music Theory

Trinisus Music theory online course consists of the analysis of how music works - by studying the notation and language of music. Trinischool Introduction to Music Theory course introduces the basic concepts and terms needed to discuss melody and harmony. Concepts covered include interval, major and minor keys and scales, triads, chords and beginning harmonic analysis.

The course is suitable for teens or adults with no background in music theory but some familiarity with reading common notation and playing an instrument (or singing).

Upon completion of this course you will understand where octaves come from; you will know how to name a particular octave and how to divide octaves into a scale. You will know enharmonic spelling of notes such as sharp, flat or natural.

You will be able to identify the pitch of a note, chromatic scales, whole steps, whole tone scales and intervals. You will understand how to classify intervals including perfect, major, minor, augmented and diminished intervals. You will know about ear training and relative pitch, tuning, playing chords by ear, improvisation, recognising intervals, writing music and much more.


Trinischool Podcasting online course is an introduction to the skills and techniques needed to record and publish podcasts to the Web. This course covers using Audacity to record and edit podcasts, and how to create an online account with Podomatic to publish podcasts to the Web. The course is ideal for those who've always wanted to record and publish podcasts to the Web but lack the skills or knowledge to do it.

Upon completion of this course you will gain an understanding of podcasts for creating a project. You will know all the benefits of using Audacity. You will be able to use exciting features such as the zooming, solo and echo tools. This course will help you to easily edit and fade audio files. You will know how to embed a podcast in a web page, upload files and much more.