Mobile App Development

Course Description

Android App Development

Google Android applications for mobile devices using the Android operating system are increasing in popularity with millions of these applications being purchased every year.

In this Trinischool Mobile App Development online course, leading Android developers will talk you through a variety of topics relating to Android apps development.

Upon completion of this course you will understand Android architecture and the key principles underlying its design. You will gain a good knowledge of how Android can achieve smooth integration with different components.You will have a good understanding the processes that are involved in an application.

You will have a knowledge of different applications available with Android. You will become familiar with Android development tools and user interface.

iOS App Development

This Trinischool Mobile App Development online course on iPhone App Development will be of great interest to professionals who develop applications for mobile phones, and the iPhone in particular, and to students who want greater knowledge and understanding about iPhone app development.

Apple iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones on the market today, with thousands of iPhone apps being downloaded every day. Through a series of live lectures, you will learn about iPhone app development including the Objective-C programming language and Swift Code and how it is used to program iPhone apps; the features of the Mac OS X such as the Core OS level, Core Services level, Media level and Cocoa Touch level.

You will also learn about programming for single touch and multi-touch functionality and how to develop iPhone apps that use the built-in accelerometer.

Many people make a lot of money from developing high quality apps for the iPhone. Study this course and you could perhaps join this elite group!