Course Description

Trinischool Mathematics online course gives you a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of key subjects in mathematics. This course covers calculus, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, functions, vectors, data distributions, probability and probability and statistics.

This course will greatly enhance your skills in many areas of mathematics, giving you a greater understanding of core mathematics components such as geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more as well as expanding your knowledge base in areas such as chance, data distributions, statistics, probability, correlations and regression.

You will learn about using binomial expansions for problem solving and will understand the relationship between the graphs of functions and their antiderivatives.

You will be able to confidently create graphs and make advanced calculations such as straight-line calculations, kinematics, motion, vectors, algebra, binomial expressions, and quadratic functions.

Course Modules
Module 1: Geometry
Introduction to triangles
Angle types
Angle sizes and sums in triangles
Triangles - Similiarity and congruence
Corresponding angles
Introduction to quadrilaterals
Introduction to polygons
Geometrical solids
Conics (elipses and hyperbolae)
Module 2: Probability and Chance
Summarising data
Frequency and graphs
Creating a frequency table from data
Graphs of all kinds
Introduction to probability
Odds and probability
Probability and relative frequency
Module 3: Data Distributions
Discrete random variables
Normal distribution
Binomial distribution
Hypergeometric distribution
Module 4: Statistics, Correlation & Regression
Univariate data
Univariate data 2
Bivariate data
Summary statistics
Calculating a seasonal index
Regression line
Non-linear data
Residual analysis
Module 5: Sequences and Series
Arithmetic sequences
Arithmetic series
Geometric sequences
Geometric series
The binomial theorem
Difference equations 1
Difference equations 2
Difference equations 3
Module 6: Trigonometry
Trigonometry 1
Trigonometry 2
Degrees and radians
Pythagoras and bearings
Trigonometric identities
Ratio and proportion
Ratio and proportion gears
Module 7: Calculus
Rules of integration
Integration applications
Rules of differentiation
Applications of differentiation
Polynomial equations
Factors of polynomials
Differentiation - Product rule
Differential equations
Second derivatives
Antiderivatives of circular functions
Antiderivatives and their graphs
Module 8: Functions
Straight lines
Straight line graphs
Power graphs
Graphs of ciruclar functions
Inverse functions
Logarithms and index laws
Inverse circular functions
Reciprocal function graphs
Symmetry and periodicity
Module 9: Vectors
Resolution of forces
Scalar products of vectors
Vectors 2
Vectors in 2 and 3 dimensions
Module 10: Algebra
Introduction to Algebra
Using Formulae 1
Using Formulae 2
Algebraic Expressions 1
Algebraic Expressions 2
Algebraic Fractions 1
Algebraic Fractions 2
Algebraic Fractions 3
Terminology for Algebraic Expressions
Binomial Expressions 1
Binomial Expressions 2
Binomial Expressions 3
Completing the Square
Perfect Squares
Quadratic Trinomials
Substitution into Algebraic Expressions
Summary of Factorisation