Course Description

Trinischool Spoken Hindi classes are conducted by experienced teachers who are well-versed with the day to day aspects of spoken Hindi as well as its grammar. They offer quality input which consists of about 12 modules of user-friendly and easy to understand content. Trinischool conducts online Spoken Hindi Courses in an exciting and enchanting environment and at an affordable rate for people of all age groups (students, professionals, executives, businessmen, house-wives etc.)

The course is formulated in such a way that you will feel absolutely at ease and relaxed during the class. You start speaking Hindi from Day 1 of the class. After completing this course you will be able to comfortably converse in Hindi with your Indian colleagues in office, friends and neighbours.

  • Working Executives, Professionals and Businessmen: Explore your career or business opportunities in many parts of India.
  • Students: Do not feel shy anymore.... you can mix with many of your friends with confidence and freedom.
  • House-wives: Confidently converse with your neighbourhood, friends, markets and house-maid
Topics covered
  • Introductory talk - greeting a friend or any new acquaintance
  • Learning action verbs and forming simple two and three word sentence
  • Learning pronouns, adjectives, interrogatives and negative sentences
  • Translating simple sentences from English to Hindi
  • Making simple conversations for day-today activities
  • Asking for directions, enquiring about the neighbourhood, etc.
  • Taking about a particular topic of interest
  • Talking about a hobby or a recent current event.