Course Description

Trinischool English course takes a learner through step-by-step process of spoken English learning that includes English grammar learning, sentence building exercises, speaking practice, listening skill and communication skill development. This vigorous program ensures a learner build confidence in public speaking.

The course includes lessons on English grammar in the most entertaining and interactive manner with native language support for beginners. The regional language support is very effective for beginners to understand grammar and English language concepts. The program covers intermediate learners with speaking practice modules and interactive quizzes.

Learn as per the learning schedule with the LIVE Trainer support or through SpeakToday anytime of the day in a computer lab, office or at home using world-class Trinischool spoken English learning program online.

This English language course uses hundreds of daily life scenarios throughout the learning program. It has detailed lessons on English grammar and real life scenarios like ‘How to greet?’, ‘How to ask and respond?’ in a graphical rich interactive environment, advanced vocabulary, built in regional language dictionary and much more…

Module Hours Title
Module 1 2-3hrs How To Greet
Module 2 2-3hrs Simple Sentences
Module 3 2-3hrs How To Respond
Module 4 2-3hrs Request, Order and Advice
Module 5 2-3hrs The Art Of Wishing
Module 6 2-3hrs Posing And Answering Questions
Module 7 2-3hrs Commonly Used Phrases/Sentences
Module 8 2-3hrs ‘Be’- Verbs (BE, BEING, BEEN, IS, AM, ARE etc.)
Module 9 2-3hrs Present Tenses & Question Tags
Module 10 2-3hrs Past Tense
Module 11 2-3hrs Future Tense
Module 12 2-3hrs Parts Of Speech
Module 13 2-3hrs Pronunciation and Silent Letters In Words
Module 14 2-3hrs Use Of Modals
Module 15 2-3hrs Uses of ‘IT’ & ‘THERE’- Dummy Subjects
Module 16 2-3hrs Uses of Phrases
Module 17 2-3hrs Exclamatory Sentences
Module 18 2-3hrs Talking To Your Superiors
Module 19 2-3hrs Elements of a Story
Module 20 2-3hrs Personal Pronouns
Module 21 2-3hrs Demonstrative Pronouns
Module 22 2-3hrs Casual Conversation While Shopping
Module 23 2-3hrs Uses of ‘HERE’ And ‘THERE’
Module 24 2-3hrs Talking To Children
Module 25 2-3hrs Telephone Etiquette
Module 26 2-3hrs Business Communication
Module 27 2-3hrs Conversation with a Doctor
Module 28 2-3hrs Participating in Group Discussions
Module 29 2-3hrs Conducting Meetings
Module 30 2-3hrs Attending Interviews