Body Language

Course Description

How much do the signals our bodies emit tell us about what people are thinking and feeling? Body Tells: The Complete Guide to Body Language is our exclusive online course that will show you how to read people's emotions and opinions before they even say a word, and build your emotional intelligence. You'll also learn how to judge your own body language: discover what your appearance and posture - even the way you walk - tell people about you, and learn to improve your body language to project a confident, interesting you.

For many decades, body language has been the subject of many books and much scientific research. Body Tells brings together this research to offer you a single course that will enable you to employ its findings to your everyday behavior and improve your social standing in many situations.

Part 1: How You Talk Without Speaking
  • How you talk without speaking
  • Body Language Basics - The Study of Kinesis
  • How Animals Use Body Language
  • Before We Learn to Speak
Part II: Learning to Be a Better Communicator
  • Learning to Be a Better Communicator
  • Watching What They Say
  • How to Say 'I'm Interested'
  • Saying What You Mean
  • How to Keep Them Interested
Part III: Controlling What Your Body Says
  • Controlling What Your Body Says
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • Appearance
  • Posture and Position
  • Walking With Style
  • The Power of a Smile
  • Shake Hands Like You Mean It
Part IV: Reading The Hidden Messages
  • Reading The Hidden Messages
  • How to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You
  • Is He/She Interested in You?
  • Further Reading